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 Loyalty Points



How do they work? 
It's very simple. When you create your account on, OJ offers Loyalty Points that accumulate with every purchase you make online, becoming a discount for future purchases!

How much are they worth?
Accumulating points is simple: 

Each purchase will give you 1 Point equivalent to 1.00 euro for every 10 euros you spend.

You can find the updated situation in your private account area at any time, where you can view your balance, see the list showing the movement of points and everything related to your account.

Where can I enter my Loyalty Points so I can use them?
When you are asked about payment methods during the purchase phase, specifically on the "Shopping Cart" page, you can choose to use a part or all of the discount you have accumulated.

But how does it work with the purchases I've already made?
Send an email to and you will also be credited the points for purchases made in the past.

Is it possible to exchange Loyalty Points for cash?
No, the accumulated discount can not be converted into cash.

Can I combine Loyalty Points with other discount codes?
No, points cannot be combined with other discount codes.

Do I have a limit of use of my Loyalty Points?
You can use loyalty points up to a maximum of 50% of the value of your cart.

Each product summary states the number of loyalty points you are entitled to by purchasing it. There may also be special promotions that will give you the right to more points and allow you to reach your goal quicker!

The points will be usable after each successful purchase and you can decide whether to continue to accumulate them or spend them on the next purchase.

All Loyalty Points are offered free of charge by OJ They are not saleable and they cannot be converted into money. They can only be converted and used once. Once the points have been used up and applied to the order, they will automatically be removed from the account. OJ reserves the right to validate or not to validate the Discount Vouchers or the order in any case.

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